What Is The Most Accurate GPS Watch?

Are GPS watches accurate?

Why is your GPS watch not 100 percent accurate.

If you’ve ever run a race with a GPS watch, you know that the distance on your watch is rarely an exact match for the advertised course distance.

Second, unless you are running a race in the exact same way it was measured, you will run longer than the race distance..

What is the most accurate Garmin watch?

Garmin Venu Probably the best and sharpest display Garmin has on any watch. But you lose some battery life – 5 days in smartwatch mode vs 8 days on the vivoactive 4. You’ll also pay more for this version. But feature-wise the Venu and vivoactive 4 are the same.

Are GPS watches more accurate than phone?

And when you put yourself in a complex running environment, PACE will give you better tracking accuracy than any phone in the world. On the flip side of things, GPS is only about +/- 100 feet (~30m) accurate when it comes to elevation change measurement.

What is the best multisport GPS watch?

Best for Most People: Garmin Forerunner 245 Music. Garmin. … Best Ultra and Outdoors Option: Garmin Fenix 6 Pro Solar. Garmin. … Best for Triathletes and Multi-Sport Enthusiasts: Garmin Forerunner 945. Garmin. … Best Non-Garmin Watch: Polar Vantage M. Polar.

Is Garmin or iPhone more accurate?

Officially, the iPhone 6s running Strava and the iPhone 6s Plus running Endomondo were the most accurate in our test (±0.67%), followed closely by the Garmin Edge 520 (+1%). The Garmin Edge 520 does deserve props, however, because it was more consistent than the iPhones.