What Is Opposite Of Survive?

What is the opposite of empty?

Antonym of EmptyWordAntonymEmptyFullGet definition and list of more Antonym and Synonym in English Grammar..

What does rearmost mean?

: farthest in the rear : last.

What is the opposite of prognosis?

What is the opposite of prognosis?hindsightignorancepostmortemthoughtlessness

What is the opposite of last?

final; newest: introductory, starting, middle, opening, beginning, moderate, front, initial, first, primary, oldest.

What is the meaning of survival?

If you refer to the survival of something or someone, you mean that they manage to continue or exist in spite of difficult circumstances. … If you refer to the survival of a person or living thing, you mean that they live through a dangerous situation in which it was possible that they might die.

What’s another word for Survive?

SYNONYMS FOR survive 1 persist, succeed.

What’s another word for diagnosis?

What is another word for diagnosis?opinionverdictanalysisexaminationfindinginvestigationscrutinysummarysettlementdeduction56 more rows

What is the opposite of cry?

Opposite of to shed tears, especially from being emotional. laugh. chortle. chuckle. giggle.

What is the opposite of survival mode?

Opposite of state in which one is simply surviving or trying to. thrival mode. calmness. composure. equanimity.

What is the opposite of reached?

Verb. ▲ Opposite of to have attained or achieved. surrendered. abandoned.

What is survival mindset?

For instance, survival mindset is mental stability under pressure, handling situations with strength and intelligence and making good, tactical decisions. In addition, when properly trained, our brain can adapt to almost any circumstance.

How do you use prognosis in a sentence?

Examples of prognosis in a Sentence Right now, doctors say his prognosis is good. The president had a hopeful prognosis about the company’s future.

Why is survival so important?

Evolution, or the ability to evolve is a more important feature – to life, and to a species. In order for a species to evolve, individuals must survive, even if the environment changes. But once a species evolves, it no longer exists. … Every species alive today is alive because prior species evolved.

What are some survival tips?

Here are the top 10 survival tips every outdoors person should know:Master your attitude. A survival situation is not the time to panic. … Make an insulated shelter. … Make a shade shelter. … Find clean water. … Find other water sources. … Collect water from vegetation. … Light a fire. … Build a fire.More items…

What is a prognosis example?

The definition of a prognosis is the predicted outcome of a disease and the chances of recovery. An example of prognosis is stage I cancer being treatable and having a good chance of recovery. A forecast or prediction.