What Does Figure Out Mean?

What word means to figure out?

figure outanswer,break,crack,dope (out),puzzle (out),resolve,riddle (out),solve,More items….

What does figure mean?

an amount or value expressed in numbers. figures, the use of numbers in calculating; arithmetic: to be poor at figures. a written symbol other than a letter. form or shape, as determined by outlines or exterior surfaces: to be round, square, or cubical in figure. the bodily form or frame: a slender or graceful figure.

What is the best figure of a girl?

Hence, while the fashion industry may force you to believe that the ideal female body has a figure size of 36-24-36, scientists have done their share of calculations and research and have concluded that the perfect figure size of women is 38-24-35, i.e. breast-waist-hip measurement.

What does have it all figured out mean?

2. 1. Figured out means “understood” or “solved”, as you noted. I think the problem here is with “it” or “it all”. “He’s got it all figured out” would, in general, means “he’s got life solved” and would imply that the person has worked out a successful way of living.

Did you figure it out meaning?

What does it mean? When we figure something out, we take a more active role. We actively try to find the answer to a question or a solution for a problem.

How do you use figure out in a sentence?

Example SentencesIt doesn’t matter how long it takes. … He was able to figure out who the killer was pretty quickly. … She is going to figure out that you lied to her.Were you able to figure out the new IT system at work?I am having trouble figuring him out. … She is a difficult person to figure out.More items…

Can’t figure someone out meaning?

to be able to understand something or to solve a problem. We had to figure out the connection between the two events. figure out how/what/who etc: I couldn’t figure out what the teacher was talking about. Synonyms and related words.

Is figure out informal?

Verb. As soon as I figure out what is wrong with my car, I will fix it. (informal) To calculate.

How much is a 9 figure?

How much is 9 figures? A 9 figure number is a number with 9 digits. A 9 figure income ranges from $100 000 000 (1 hundred million) to $999 999 999.

What is the difference between figure out and find out?

So basically, you find out something by chance and you figure out something by your intention and effort.

How do you use out?

We use out of as a preposition to talk about movement from within somewhere or something, usually with a verb that expresses movement (e.g. go, come). It shows where something is or was going: You go out of the building and turn right. He pulled a letter out of his shirt pocket, opened it and handed it to her to read.

Will figure out something?

to understand someone or something, or to find the answer to something by thinking: I’ve never been able to figure her out.

How do you use calculate?

Sandra and Marion are right, we use “figure out” in a lot of different ways. Here’s one definition: to calculate something. For example “I want to go home to the US next summer, but I need to figure out how much it’ll cost.” Another definition of figure out is to learn something because you took action, to find a way.

How much is a 5 figure?

While we may all dream of making a million or millions, or even winning this kind of money. The reality is most people will make a 5 figure salary. A five-figure salary starts at $10,000 and goes up to $99,999. So if you’re making $40k a year, you a making a 5 figure salary.