Quick Answer: Why Are Tape Measures Yellow?

Why is a tape measure curved?

Have you ever wondered why the blade on a tape measure is curved.

The concave design helps keep the blade rigid when extended.

This curve allows the blade to “stand out” while measuring, helping you read the measurement..

Can you fix a broken tape measure?

It’s pretty easy to fix a broken tape measure. … It might be your tape measure needs a new screw or maybe it’s just unhinged. Step Four: Carefully remove the tape from the spring if you’re still having trouble. Step Five: Replace the spring with a new one.

How do you clean a tape measure?

Spray entire blade with WD-40. Allow tape to retract into housing. Re-extend the tape blade and wipe off excess WD-40 in the same fashion as drying in step 2. Enjoy you newly reconditioned tape measure.

Can you measure your shoe size with a tape measure?

Measure the width of your foot by using your measuring tape or ruler to measure from the line on one side of your tracing, to the line on the other side. Again, be certain to find the closest mark that you can (for inches, use the closest 16th mark).

What is the triangle on a tape measure for?

The small black diamonds, or triangles (diamonds are more commonly found), on the top scale of the tape measure starting at 19.2 inches are for truss layouts for 8-foot sheet goods. They are also known as the “black truss” markings. They provide a quick visual for the tape user and speed up the measuring process.

How do you straighten a curved tape measure?

The hook end of a measuring tape can get bent over time, and it’s easy to fix that by using a pair of pliers. They are designed to be adjusted, but should you break off the tip, it’s probably time to get a new tape measure.

What are the best tape measures?

Best Overall: Milwaukee Premium Magnetic Tape Measure. … Best Budget: Stanley 25-Foot by 1-Inch Measuring Tape. … Best Extra-Long: DeWalt 300-Foot Measuring Tape. … Best Digital: eTape16 Digital Tape Measure. … Best for Construction: General Tools 2-in-1 Laser Tape Measure.More items…•

What’s the difference between a measuring tape and a tape measure?

A measuring tape is typically a flexible tape used for measuring length, often between 2 meters or yards, and 100 feet or 30 meters. … A tape measure or measuring tape is a flexible ruler used to measure distance. It consists of a ribbon of cloth, plastic, fibre glass, or metal strip with linear-measurement markings.

When using a measuring tape where do you start?

How to Use a Tape Measure. Start by putting the end tab at one end of the item or space you want to measure, then pull out the tape until you get to the other end. Then, take a measurement reading. To determine the length, you’ll need to add up the increments.

Where is CM in tape measure?

Above you’ll see a picture of a metric/imperial pocket tape measure. The measurements towards the bottom of the image are metric. In other words they’re in centimetres and milimetres. There are 10mm in each centimetre (shown by the ten spaces between each cm) and 100cm in each metre.

Are tape measures dangerous?

It’s also dangerous: you can injure your fingers, eyes and the people around you. Your tape measure isn’t designed to withstand a short, sharp shock over and over. Superfast rewinding can cause the blade to twist, crease and tear.

What are the two most common sizes of tape measures?

How long is a standard tape measure? Most of the tape measures in circulation today are 12 foot, 25 foot, or 100 foot. Builders commonly use the 25-foot length, while the 12-foot length is the most common length used by consumers.

Can you use a tape measure to measure yourself?

Most metal tape measures aren’t flexible enough to easily wrap around your waist, and you also risk cutting yourself on the metal edges. However, you can measure your waist with a length of string or yarn and then hold it up to a metal tape measure to find the circumference.

How accurate are tape measures?

The tape measures themselves are manufactured with varying degrees of quality, but as per NIST Handbook 44 (PDF), a six-foot-long tape used for commerce must be accurate to within 1/32 of an inch. As anyone who’s ever tried to build anything knows, our friend the humble tape measure is a useful tool.

What are the different tape measures?

They come in varying lengths and feature measurement markings. There are four basic types of tape measures: case, long or open-reel tapes, diameter tape (D-tape) and sewing tapes. This classic 25-foot measuring tape can be used by home DIYers and contractors.

What is M on a measuring tape?

On many tapes (but by no means all) you will find a small red rectangle with the letter M printed inside followed by a number. The number simply denotes the year that the blade was stamped as conforming to the Measuring Instruments Directive. On the whole this will also be the year in which that tape was manufactured.