Quick Answer: Where Can I Work While In High School?

What are the highest paying jobs for high school students?

Here are some of the best-paying jobs for teens today:Caddy.

If you love the outdoors and golf, this is a perfect job for you.


Think your A+ in math or English is just a mark on the report card.


Pet Sitter.



Product Merchandiser.

Sales Associate.More items….

Is working in high school worth it?

Yes. There are many reasons for a high school student today to have a job, and those benefits extend far beyond just a paycheck. Having a job in high school can not only be a great experience in and of itself, it can also set you up to get even better jobs in college and beyond.

How many hours do high school students study?

A recent study may be putting the “you should study three hours per credit hour” motto to rest. According to the National Survey of Student Engagement’s findings, the average student spends about 17 hours each week preparing for classes. Preparation for classes includes homework, reading and any other assignments.

How many classes should I take if I work full time?

A typical full course load at a college is 15 credits per semester or five courses. If you take a full-load, you should be able to work on-campus for 10 to 14 hours per week in a relatively flexible scheduled on-campus job.

Are part time jobs good for high school students?

High school students benefit from part-time employment, but they need time management skills. … While the line between how much work is too much may seem nebulous, experts have found that students who work more than 15 to 20 hours a week see a decrease in academic performance.

How many hours a week can you work while in high school?

18 hours18 hours per week. WEE students may work during school hours and up to 23 hours per week. May be employed only during school holidays and vacations (usually construed to include weekends). May never be employed on any school day, either before or after school.

Can you work full time and go to high school?

High school student, as you said ‘student’, is your full time job. Working full time in most cases require 8 hours and usually falls in the morning. … Second, minors as high school students are, are legally not allowed to work a regualr 8-hour shift. Organizations or companies do not adhere to this policy is illicit.

Should teenager work while they are students?

Research has shown that students who are employed while in high school or college allocate their time more efficiently, learn about workplace norms and responsibilities, and are motivated to study harder in their classes so they can achieve a certain career goal.

Can I work while in high school?

Minors under 18 years of age must attend school to get a work permit. If a student graduates from high school before age 18, he or she no longer needs a work permit. If a student passes the California High School Proficiency Exam (CHSPE) or the G.E.D. before the age of 18, he or she no longer needs a work permit.