Quick Answer: Should I Hit My 3 Wood Like A Driver?

How far should I hit a 3 wood?

Average Distances for MenClubShort HitterLong Hitter2 Wood190 yds245 yds3 Wood180 yds235 yds4 Wood175 yds200 yds5 Wood170 yds210 yds13 more rows.

Can you hit a 3 wood from the rough?

Mack says your 3-wood is actually a great option for these punch-out shots. “The goal in this situation is to keep the ball close to the ground but advance it as far as possible,” says Mack. … If the rough is thick in those woods, you want to make sure you get the ball high enough to make it over the grass.”

What is the easiest 3 wood to hit?

Most Forgiving 3 WoodTour Edge Exotics EXS (best fairway wood for all golfers)Cobra F9 Speedback (super distance and easy to hit for ANYONE)Callaway Mavrik (large club head feels like a driver)Taylormade RBZ Black (best for mid to high handicappers)PING G410 (most forgiving driver around)More items…

Do you hit a 3 wood like a driver?

The tendency when you put a 3-wood in your hand is to sweep the ball or try to swing up. That’s wrong. Just like with a 9-iron, you want to hit the ball and take a little turf after contact. You want to make contact with a 3-wood at that ball the same as you would with an iron.”

Why do I hit 3 wood better than driver?

Most players swing the driver faster, and the ball tends to go farther, so offline shots will go even farther offline with the driver. … A three-wood imparts significantly more backspin, which will help with accuracy most of the time, and it also helps with workability control.