Quick Answer: How Do I Share My Strava Profile?

Where is the share icon on Strava?

From your Dashboard and the Activity Feed From the mobile app (iPhone/Android) look for the share icon on the right-hand side of the tray just below the activity..

How do I add my weight to strava?

How to Get Power for Your RidesGo to strava.com and enter your bike info under “My Gear” in your account settings. … Enter your personal weight in your profile settings.More items…•

Is it worth paying for strava?

The only premium feature of Strava that is still unique and pretty cool is the heatmap, especially for those that ride all over the world. Other than that, Strava isn’t worth paying… the irony is, they can’t cut off the free model because your data is worth more to than the money you would pay them. Try Intervals.

What is better than strava?

The best cycling apps in 2020Strava.The Road Bike Manual.Zwift.Rouvy.Wahoo Fitness.Cyclemeter.Google Maps.Komoot.More items…•

To get to your Profile, log into the Strava website and click your profile picture in the upper right-hand corner or on the left-hand side. Then, look at the address bar of the browser for the number at the end of the URL.

How do I share a strava route with a friend?

Inviting a FriendOpen the activity you would like to add your friend to on either the Strava website or mobile app.From the activity details page, you can select the Add Friend or Add Others button (highlighted below.)If you’re sharing from the mobile app, you can choose your friend from your list of followers.More items…•

Does strava show your weight?

Your weight is not explicitly listed anywhere on Strava. Do keep in mind that we have segment filters that display results by weight range so depending on your activities’ privacy settings, this may be somewhere your name will appear within a class of weights.

How do I transfer a route from Garmin Connect to strava?

Syncing Strava Routes to Garmin Devices From the mobile app, select Profile and scroll down to Routes. Tap the star icon so that it’s highlighted orange. If the route you’d like to sync is already starred, you’ll have to unstar it (the icon will no longer be highlighted) and then star it again.

Does strava work without Internet?

Strava works locally, using GPS alone, as long as you are recording the ride. It does not need Internet connection during the ride. Once you stopped recording and pressed the “Finish ride” button, Strava will finalize and upload the ride data. This is when you will actually need the Internet connection.

What do you get if you pay for strava?

Strava has a free and paid version — the paid version, Strava Summit, gives you access to more features. Strava Summit costs $5.00 per month, or $59.99 a year. The free version of Strava offers activity tracking, a social media feed, the ability to find local fitness events, and more.

Is strava linked to Facebook?

You can give Strava access to your Facebook connections via the Find Friends page or by creating a Strava account by using your Facebook account.

How do I share a Strava segment?

How to make a private Segment publicFrom the menu under Dashboard select My Segments.Select the tab Created Segments. Select the private segment you wish to make public.Find the Actions menu on the right column, and select Make Public.

How do I copy someone else’s ride on Strava?

To duplicate a route, navigate to route page on the Strava website and select the Duplicate option. This will open a new edit window where you can save the new route, or dismiss the save box to modify the route before saving.

Does strava share data?

You can choose to share your profile data and activity data (including private activities). If you click on the link for a sponsored integration, you will leave our platform and the sponsor may be able to identify that you visited their platform from Strava.

Can you set strava to private?

Managing your Training Log Privacy Controls Go to your Settings page by hovering over your profile picture in the top right and selecting ‘Settings. … Click ‘Training Log’ to the follow the link your Training Log page. Select ‘Public’ or ‘Private’ from the upper right-hand corner of the page.

Can anyone see my strava?

Your activity privacy controls allow you to restrict access to your activity details page to everyone, followers, or just you. You have the option to set a default preference so that your activities automatically upload with this selection and/or you can change the visibility (Who can see) on individual activities.

How do I stop someone from seeing my strava?

You can block a Strava athlete from the profile page of the athlete that you’d like to block.On the website, click the gear icon and select “Block Athlete”.On the mobile app, tap three-dot icon in the upper right-hand corner and select “Block.”

How do I post to strava?

To do this:Log into Strava.Click on “Upload” at the top right corner of the page.Click on “Manual” as listed on the left side.Select your Activity Type, enter the other required fields, and click “Create”