Quick Answer: Can Lebron Pass Kareem?

Can LeBron pass Karl Malone?

LeBron James just passed Karl Malone for No.

2 on the NBA’s all-time scoring list — counting regular season and playoff games.

Only Kareem ahead of him now.

Former Lakers and Milwaukee Bucks star Kareem Abdul-Jabbar remains safely in the top spot with 44,151 points, while Malone finished his career with 41,689 points..

How many points does LeBron need to pass Karl Malone?

Former Lakers and Milwaukee Bucks star Kareem Abdul-Jabbar remains safely in the top spot with 44,151 points, while Malone finished his career with 41,689 points. Reaching the mark required James to average at least 27.4 points per game throughout his 17-year NBA career.

Is LeBron a pass first player?

It’s a sentiment a lot of players claim with actions that speak otherwise, but LeBron has never wavered in the unselfish mindset embedded into his basketball DNA. He’s a pass-first player, sometimes to the detriment of his team, with an incredible level of intelligence that only fosters his play style.

Will LeBron pass Kobe?

LeBron James passes Kobe Bryant for third place on NBA’s all-time scoring list. … And with 7:23 in the third quarter, James’ driving layup gave him 33,644 points and pushed him ahead of Bryant (33,643) for No. 3 on the scoring list, behind just Karl Malone (36,928) and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (38,387).

Who is the 1st highest scoring NBA player?

Kareem Abdul-JabbarNBA History – Points LeadersPoints LeadersRKPLAYERPTS1Kareem Abdul-Jabbar38,3872Karl Malone36,9283LeBRON JAMES34,28522 more rows

How many points LeBron need to pass Kobe Bryant?

18 pointsLeBron James has scored the third-most points in NBA history. The Los Angeles Lakers star entered Saturday night’s matchup against the 76ers needing just 18 points to pass fellow Lakers legend Kobe Bryant (33,643).

How many points does Kobe have to pass LeBron?

18 pointsLos Angeles Lakers All-Star LeBron James needed 18 points to pass Kobe Bryant for third place on the NBA’s all-time scoring list on Saturday vs. the Philadelphia 76ers.

Is Kareem better than LeBron?

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is the single greatest scorer in NBA history in total points, while LeBron James is third in total points. They have both won at least 4 NBA titles and 2 NBA Finals MVPs, and each has at least 15 All-NBA Team appearances. They are both very dominant players and have been for a very long time.

Who scored 70 points in an NBA game?

Devin BookerFormer University of Kentucky star Devin Booker set a franchise record with 70 points Friday in the Phoenix Suns’ 130-120 loss to the Celtics in Boston.

Who has the most 70 point games in NBA history?

Devin Booker is just the sixth player in NBA history to score 70-plus in a game joining Wilt Chamberlain (six times), Kobe Bryant, David Thompson, Elgin Baylor and David Robinson. This was just the 11th 70-point game in NBA history, and the first since Bryant scored 81 against the Raptors in 2006.

Will LeBron be all time scorer?

James is 4,732 points short of Abdul-Jabbar’s total. Since being drafted in 2003, James has averaged roughly 2,000 points per season, which means 2 1/2 seasons of typical LeBron would push him ahead of Kareem. … If he drops to 20 points per game, he could reach Abdul-Jabbar in three-plus seasons.

How many points is LeBron away from Kobe?

18 pointsLeBron James is only 18 points away from passing Kobe Bryant on the NBA’s all-time scoring list, setting up James, who averages 25.2 points a game, to accomplish the feat in Saturday’s game against Philadelphia. There will be cheers.