Question: Is A Kanken Bag Worth It?

How long do Kanken backpacks last?

10 yearsMany reviews that I have found online claim that the Kånken lasts its owners a good 10 years easily.

Some I hear, are even second hand owners of their parents’ backpacks who used them in their school days..

frost greenThe Fjallraven Kanken is quite popular and trendy right now, and frost green is the most in-demand color. It’s the quintessential Swedish backpack and there’s no denying how attractive the rucksack is.

Is Kanken waterproof?

Fjällräven Kankens are brilliantly water-resistant. Vinylon F, the synthetic fabric they are made from, behaves more like a natural fibre and swells as it becomes damp.

Do you keep seat pad in Kanken?

On the inside, is a flap with a detachable plastic sheet that they call a seat pad. I think it’s to allow you to remove it and use it to sit on surfaces. I just leave it in the bag to act as back support. This means you can also carry a small tablet or laptop in there.

What’s so good about fjallraven Kanken?

They are comfortable to carry, last for a very long time and retain their shape very well for years. The manufacturing, materials and quality are evident in all Fjällräven backpacks, and especially so in the Kånken, which is one of the brand’s most sold backpack designs to date.

Why are fjallraven Kanken bags so expensive?

The real answer is “Fjallraven jackets cost $310 because FR charges that much and people keep buying them as fast as they’re produced”. If people didn’t want their jackets and stopped buying them so that FR had jackets sitting on shelves in their stores going to waste, they would drop their prices.

Is the fjallraven Kanken good for college?

It’s excellent for college students who need the convenience of a backpack that lets them navigate through campus easily and with comfort as they carry their most loyal companion: their laptop.

Is fjallraven made in China?

Fjallraven utilizes multiple manufacturing facilities that produce the Kanken both in China as well as Vietnam. This is the reason that some tags will list China, while others Vietnam. It is however the same product.

How long do North Face backpacks last?

It will last for several years, going on 5 years that I’ve had mine.

Can I machine wash my Kanken?

Whatever you do, don’t put Kånken in the washing machine. Instead, wash dirty marks with lukewarm water, mild detergent and a soft brush or sponge. And when it comes to drying, you should hang up Kånken in a well-ventilated area that’s not exposed to direct sunlight. … Don’t put a laptop in a regular Kånken, either.

Is Kanken ethical?

Its Re-Kanken backpack is woven from a single yard made of 11 plastic bottles, which allows it to be recycled, and it has implemented a Code of Conduct for its suppliers that prioritises animal welfare, workers’ rights and sound environmental practices. But, like any other company, Fjallraven must still make a profit.

Do Kanken backpacks have a warranty?

WARRANTY POLICY Fjällräven is committed to maintaining our tradition of delivering practical, yet superior products that are designed for a lifetime of wear. Fjällräven provides a Limited Lifetime Warranty to original purchasers of Fjällräven products who have a receipt of proof of purchase from an authorized seller.

Do fjallraven Kanken straps hurt?

Is the Fjällräven Kånken comfortable? The built in straps can easily hurt when you carry a heavy load, but if you spend the extra €20 for the shoulder pads it is as comfortable as can be.

How much weight can a Kanken hold?

The standard Kånken original backpack has a 16ltr volume, and although we don’t have an official max weight load, you should keep it to just a few kilos. And don’t put a laptop in a regular Kånken.

Can you put laptop in Kanken Classic?

And the Kanken Classic can also fit most laptops into the main compartment, apart from the 17” ones. Exterior pockets. There are two side pockets on the Kanken packs, and one zippered pocket on the front. The side pockets are great for any smaller items you want to keep handy, like pens or water bottles.